Can an implant be done by a general dentist or a periodontist?

Implants gen dentist. Any dentist who is qualified can place implants. Many general dentists place and restore their own implants. Other dentists work with oral surgeons or periodontists who place the implants, and then the dentist restores the implant with an abutment and a crown.
Implants. With the proper training, experience and equipment, any dentist can place an implant. More important than their specialty is their training and experience. Find out how many successful implants they have done and how long they have done them. Experience is very important.
Dental Implants. Dental implants placement is a surgical procedure that may be performed by any dentist with specific training in the management of dental implants. There are a number of important potential pitfalls in the management of the dental implant patient that are most effectively avoided through adequate education, training and experience.