Has anyone experienced post op paresthesia for a time after dental treatment?

Very rare. Most paresthesias resolve in 8 weeks with no treatment.
Yes. It is a risk , especially with impacted lower wisdom teeth. Also seen with lower jaw dental implant placement. Typically goes away on its own over time , or with a Medrol (methylprednisolone) dose pack to decrease swelling. Rarely, however, permanent anesthesia occurs. Good Luck.
Yes.. Usually i'm the one giving injections, so I have not experienced paresthesia myself. Although rare, long lasting aneshesia can happen, and can last for days or in extream cases, for months.
Yes. Paresthesia and anesthesia is one of the potential risks associated with the removal of wisdom teeth in the lower jaw, implant surgery, and other surgical procedures where the surgical procedure is near the nerve supplying sensory sensation to the lower jaw. There are patients who have had transient as well as some with permanent altered sensation.
Yes. Although rare, it can last for days, weeks, months, or permanently.