I am worried about bioterrorism, where can I find the smallpox vaccine?

No. Not currently. There was a volunteer vaccination program in the usa in 2003.
You can't. The American public has not received routine smallpox vaccinations since 1972. According to the CDC “The U.S. government has enough vaccine to vaccinate every person in the United States in the event of a smallpox emergency.” This is part of Emergency Prepared & Response for possible future bioterrorism (in aftermath of 9/11).**http://www. Bt.cdc. Gov/agent/smallpox/vaccination/facts. Asp**
Restricted use. The vaccine is not in general use since no cases of smallpox have occurred in the wild since 1977. Due considerations of bioterrorism, military & various civilians likely to be first responders in such an event have been vaccinated. They will provide a protective wall against spread. See www. Bt.Cdc. Gov/agent/smallpox/index. Asp for vaccine info.

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Is it possible to have bad adverse reactions to the smallpox vaccine if the government gives it out for bioterrorism?

Yes. There is a very small, but real risk to this vaccine of developing a fatal case of smallpox from the vaccine. But in an epidemic situation, this risk is far less than naturally becoming sick. Hopefully this scenario will never occur.
Yes. More robust reactions are seen more commonly in those not previously immunized.
Smallpox Vaccination. Smallpox vaccine mild rxn's include sore & red vaccination site, tender & enlarged axillary lymph nodes, low fever & feeling ill. More serious rxns occurred in 1, 000 per million – vaccinia rash or toxic rash (Erythema multiforme). Extremely rare severe rxns: included Postvaccinal Encephalitis & Eczema Vaccinatum wi a death rate of 1 to 2 per million. So - yes adverse rxn's are possible.

What is the connection between smallpox vaccine and hiv?

Possible. It's impossible to say whether the withdrawal of the smallpox vaccine contributed to the initial explosion of HIV cases worldwide, but it is a plausible explanation. The theory centers on the expression of a receptor called ccr5 on the surface of white blood cells, which is exploited by the smallpox virus and hiv.
HIV & Smallpox vacc. The smallpox vaccine is contraindicated in anyone who has an HIV infection or AIDS. **http://www. Bt.cdc. Gov/training/smallpoxvaccine/reactions/contraindications. Html**
HIV/Smallpox. Vaccine is contraindicated in HIV/AIDS patients.