Feeling some weird pressure in teeth on biting after permanent filling.

New filling feeling. New fillings should feel like your bite did before they were placed. If your new filling feels 'tall' or your bite is high to the new filling call your dds and have him check your bite for an adjustment.
Filling pain. If the filling was just recently placed, like last few days, it may be your just getting used to having a different material in your mouth and contacting your opposing tooth. If it persists though, you need to see the dentist who placed it as it may need to be adjusted, and only the dentist can do this properly. Good luck.
Pressure on a tooth. Most likely you have a "high" bite which means that when the filling was placed; you were probably unable to properly bite when checked by your dentist. It is a simple fix: have your dentist perform a bite adjustment on the filling. It literally will only take 5 minutes. Now that you are not numb, you will be able to properly bite into the articulating paper to show your dentist. Dr jeffrey briney.