Can a CT scan without contrast dye detect brain tumours?

Should do it. If a brain tumor is causing significant symptoms, it should surely be large enough to be detected on a cat scan.
Sometimes. If tumor large enough to cause pressure on norma; strictires and displacement. Sometimes brain tumors have typical calcifications. If metastasis or tumor is same density as surrounding brain would need IV contrast to detect the tumor. Contrast shows vascularity of tumor or lack of perfusion compared to surrounding brain.
They may. But, you get a better chance (higher yield and more sensitivity) with a contrast enhanced test.

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Had a fear of brain tumor for 7 months. Ct scan without contrast was clean. Would I be having severe symptoms by now if it was malignant?

Brain tumors aren't easily categorized into benign or malignant. Although the most aggressive type of brain tumor, glioblastoma, would likely be causing severe symptoms by now, there are other types of brain tumors that can be serious but not grow as quickly. The majority, however, would be associated with progressive symptoms during this time period. An MRI is the best test to evaluate potential masses in the brain. Read more...

2 years and 8 months ago CT scan w&wo contrast ruled out a brain tumor now im worry again can a brain tumor grow that fast and cause symptoms im 27?

Brain tumor. It is possible but is very unlikely. Specially if the symptoms you have now are the same you had 2 1/2 years ago. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor. He may be able to determine what is the problem causing your symptoms and relief you level if anxiety. Read more...