Enssoscopic laser vein surgery I had in jan. Now left with two unsightly lumps on one leg. Is this normal so long after? Hope it goes!

Get evaluated. It is disappointing when the result is not as good as you hoped for. With this procedure, its best to get back in with your vein doc, ask for vein us of the area. If the 2 lumps are vein related, an office procedure, phlebectomy may benefit. Need the us first to make diagnosis and plan of care. Be well.
Normal. Endovenous laser ablation results in the vein being heated which then constricts over time and dissolves. During this process which can take several months, the lasered vein will become hard then soft. Another reason for the hard areas could be where veins were disconnected by microphlebectomies (small puncture holes). This can cause areas of clotted blood to form (hematoma) which will be hard.