Can a homeopathic overdose kill you?

No. There are no reports of any deaths from homeopathic medications.
No. Homeopathic medicines are prepared in such a way that they are very dilute, yet retain their healing properties. For more about homeopathy itself, you can watch a short video: http://www.Nationalcenterforhomeopathy.Org/content/introduction-to-homeopathy-video-with-ann-jerome-phd-cch.

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Can a homeopathic medicine overdose kill you?

Not likely. Homeopathic medicines are extremely dilute.
No. Homeopathic medicines are prepared in very dilute quantities, such that above the potencies of 12c or 24x, it's unlikely to find a molecule of the original substance from which the remedy was made. This is what some point to as the "nonsense" of homeopathy -- but dr. Hahnemann wrote of using a spiritual substance to deal with a spiritual, energetic aspect of the person (his or her healing system). Read more...