How long will I have from catching small pox to the first signs of symptoms?

Small pox. Incubation period is usually 12-14 days, and can vary from 7-17 days before symptoms begin.
7-17 days. •for the first 7 to 17 days after exposure, the infected person feels fine and is not contagious (cannot spread the disease). •after 7-17 days, the first symptoms of smallpox appear. These include fever, tiredness, head and body aches, and sometimes vomiting. The fever is usually high, in the range of 101 to 104 degrees fahrenheit. At this time, people are usually too sick to carry on their normal.
You won't get. Smallpox! because smallpox only affects humans, there were no vectors (reservoirs) that needed to be addressed. There is no carrier state for smallpox. The world health organization (who) initiated the global smallpox eradication program which used a combination of identification of cases, vaccination ; quarantine which led to the who’s declaration that smallpox was eradicated in 1979.