1yr old with rattle/phlem sound in chest, slight cough, no other symptoms. Can it be formula, teething or virus? Had recent sinus infection. Is it serious?

Not teething. Teething does not cause these kinds of symptoms. I would have her re-evaluated by her pedestrian to make sure this is not something serious.
Sinusitis/bronchitis. The sound that your daughter is making may be caused by a number of conditions. These include transmission of sound from the upper airway for example by mucus in the nose. Her recent sinus infection raises the possibility of a recurrence or spread of infection to the lungs. If there is a history of fever recently or respiratory difficulty, she should be checked by her doctor.

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Rattle phlem sound in chest, slight cough now&then, no other apparent symptoms. Can it b from formula, teething or infection? Recently had sinus infection

Talk. Talk to your child's pediatric medical specialist to see if they think an examination is warranted. May be residual from recent infection. May require additional medication or just observation. Not from teething or formula. Read more...