What are some reasons obesity in children is increasing?

Many. Their parents are heavier than for children one generation earlier. Eating habits in families of obese children are bad. The cathode ray tube, or led of computers and games burn no calories. It also displaces play time that previous generations have had. Less calories spent; more bad food= obesity.
Kids copy parents. EATING TOO MUCH CHEAP,READYMADE PROCESSED AND JUNK FOOD AND ANIMAL FOODS is the main cause.STOP DAIRY,MEAT AND FISH.Become a vegan and enjoy meat and dairy once a month or never.Stop all SODA and drink WATER which is God's drink.Stop all chemical makeup and plastic use.Stop taking vitamin supplements.Use magnesium oil daily on both legs and feet_ bedtime.sleep sharp at 10 pm,stop blue light by 7pm.

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What is the reason there is an increasing number of obesity in children today?

Many reasons. As adult obesity has increased, so has childhood obesity. This is essentially a trickle down effect, meaning we learn from our parents bad eating habits. Kids eat more fast food and have more sedentary activities such as video games. Also less expensive to feed a large family with fast food so there is also a financial component. Convience also plays a role with our fast paced lifestyles. Read more...