I had nuclear medicine scan and was told I had an increased ischium vertabrae. Is that cause of severe lower back pain?

Let me explain. Positive bone scan on these area means abnormal activity in those areas, the thing related to your back pain is the vertebrea which coulsd a lot of things, check whith your dr to see what that mens to you.Good luck, thank you.
Probably not. I would go back and get them to clarify the finding. The is no anatomical structure referred to as ischium vertebrae. Whatever the problem, I am guessing it is a normal anatomical variant and not the cause for your pain. To find out what is causing the pain, see a pain medicine physician.
Can be. Usually need correlative imaging such as mri or ct to define abnormality, now that increased bone metabolism in ischium and vertebra.
Maybe. Not sure what the term "ischium vertabrae" means. The ischium are pelvic bones separate from the vertebrae. But for the scan to be "positive" it is likely that there was increased tracer uptake in the lower spine, which can be a sign of many things, a common one being degenerative disease of the spine which could cause low back pain. Would get clarification of the nuclear scan findings.

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I had a nuclear medicine scan and was told I had an increased ischium vertabrae. Can this cause severe lower back pain?

Usually not. Usually these are radiologic novelties. If you think it bothers you, see your doctor. Read more...
Maybe. Sounds like you had a nuclear medicine bone scan. An abnormal finding on this study could certainly help identify the cause of low back pain. The term "ischium vertebrae" is not commonly used, I have not run across it before. Would get clarification from the person who interpreted your scan so you can more clearly know what is going on. The ischium is a pelvic bone separate from the vertebra. Read more...