Whats non-small cell carcinoma?

Non Small cell ca. Is the most common type of lung cancer, another type is small cell ca (which is more aggressive). Both are challenging to diagnose at an early stage. Please consult with your oncologist for prompt diagnosis, and treatment options. Good luck.

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Non-small cell carcinoma vs small cell carcinoma?

Small cell was. Distinguised because there is almost never a role for surgery, and always a role for chemotherapy. Non-small cell prior to 1980 never had chemotherapy. Both are caused by smoking sclc 100%; /nsclc 90-95%. Nsclc just in lung usually treated with surgery. Any + node gets chemo. If mediastinal nodes are positive, standard is chemo/xrt. Get more than 1 opinion before starting treatment if yo have?

What is the definition or description of: Non small cell carcinoma?

Lung cancer. It is broad class of lung cancers. You may consult this site for more info: http://www. Webmd. Com/lung-cancer/non-small-cell-lung-cancer#1.

Non-small cell carcinoma and small cell carcinoma. What is the difference?

Small cell. All else. Small cell cancer of the lung is a specific kind of cancer that has uniform, small cells. Non small cell cancer is the term for all other cancers that are in the lung, like adenocarcinoma, squamous cell cancer, and large cell cancer. These are grouped this way due to treatment approach. Small cell presents as widely disseminated and gets chemo., while non small cell is localized, gets surgery.

How does non small cell carcinoma lung cancer get treated?

Multiple ways. Non-small cell lung cancers are of two major varieties squamous cell and adeno carcinomas, along with a number of other less common types. Depending on the stage and type of tumor, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the usual options.
Multiple ways. Non-small cell cancers are a heterogenous group, with the two common types being squamous cell and adeno carcinomas. These are usually treated, depending on the stage and type, with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
Depends on stage. Stage I and ii lung cancer is treated with surgery up front. If the lymph nodes have cancer, then the patient may need chemotherapy after (adjuvant) surgery. For stage iiia the treatment is either chemo and radiotherapy followed by surgery or chemoradiotherapy alone. Stage iiib and IV the treatment is chemotherapy +/- radiotherapy.
Multidisciplinary. Standard of care for stage I -iib nsclc is surgery. For stage iiia either chemotherapy +/- radiation followed by surgery or chemoradiation alone. Treatment is best by multidisciplinary and individualized with a targeted approach. The patient's overall health/fitness, tumor type, and molecular/genetic specifics should be considered to formulate best approach.

How can non small cell carcinoma lung cancer get created?

A cell goes wild! A cell is damaged by carcinogens, genetic failure and begins to multiply out of control and expands over time to a mass and then can spread very simple approach cancer is bad!
Non small cell lung. If possible, surgical resection is the first choice. This depends on how widely spread, ir at all, the cancer is. Second choices in therapy include radiation, chemotherapy, or cyber knife.

What is treatment involving non-small cell carcinoma?

Depends upon stage. Early stage disease is usually treated by surgical resection. More advanced disease is usually treated by combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy and stage 4 disease is usually treated with chemotherapy alone or consideration of hospice for those with significantly far advanced disease.

What would the life expectancy for small cell carcinoma be?

It depends on the St. Small cell lung cancer can be localized to chest (called Limited disease) or it can be spread outside of the chest and involve other organs like liver/ Bone etc when it is called Extensive disease. So you need to tell us if your lung cancer is Limited disease or Extensive Disease? Then we can give you the relevant information about prognosis.

How long would a person live if small cell carcinoma?

Confined to chest. Or limited disease, there is a hance of cure. If presenting with metastasis, there is a chance of surviving well for many, but few make it beyond 2 years. Small cells can occur at other organs. You need to see a medical and a radiation oncology doctor while your work up proceeds. (head mr, bone scan, chest/abd ct + contrast thru adrenals).

What is the definition or description of: small cell carcinoma?

It is an uncommon. Type, always associated with tobacco, characteristic cellular appearance of dominant hyperchromatic nuclei, no nucleolus, scant cytoplasm. Stains with chromogranin, synaptophysin, molecular loss of rb, over production of bcl-2. It responds to chemo, but needs XRT in limited. Goes to many organs early. Need at least chemo and XRT doc to assess.
Agree. Dr. Andrew turrisi is the world's leading expert on this topic. Can't say much more.