At any age can a treatment of nocturnal enuresis be started?

After age 7. Restricting evening fluid consumption + waking to toilet when parents retire can be started at any age. Suggest waiting till age &-years before trying an enuresis alarm or medication.

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What is the best treatment for nocturnal enuresis in a 6 year old boy?

Enuresis. First exclude UTI and Diabetes.
Identify stress factors that could have precipitated condition.
Treatment -Ethipramine 10mg nocte .
-Conditioning therapy with Bell & Mat.
Love and Time. If it is "primary," meaning he has always been this way, his pediatrician can check to see that he is normal and has no underlying illness. Most often, a young boy with primary nocturnal enuresis is confirmed normal after a pediatrician's evaluation. In almost all cases, the child's brain will mature over the years and the problem stops. Meanwhile, he cannot control it. Ask Dr. about trying DDAVP. Read more...