Can't do leg raises when laying on back or raise up on own from lying down pos w/out assistance or pain/limb weakness/gait prob/sacroiliac arthrts.?

Needs to be checked. You have high blood pressure and history of 3+ edema in legs/ankles.We do not know the cause of it.Apparently you have some vhronic medical conditions and now you have which seem like some neuromuscular condition causing weakness and gait problem you need to discuss all of it with your treating doctor and may need referal to a neurologist and others like gastroenterologist for diarrhea for 10 yrs.
Arthritis. Is a great possibility. Please schedule an appointment with your physician so he may run some tests to make a diagnosis and refer to rheumatologist if deemed necessary. In meantime, continue exercising , don't let those joints get stiffer!