Punctate metallic density or calcific density projects over right lateral anterior chest wall. Xray results. What does this mean?

Chest films. It would help to be able to see the x-ray. This is often a foreign body, bullets being very common, or there can be a calcified lymph node. You need to ask your doctor about this since they can get further studies to better define the source of this. Actually if you were wearing clothing or a piece of jewelry, or a prior surgical clip that may be the source.
Metal or calcium? Typically metallic foreign bodies (there is no native metal in the human body) are distinctly different from calcifications on x-rays. Calcium obviously exists in the body naturally in bone. The report is a bit confusing. Metallic foreign bodies are typically from projectile penetration if they are not placed surgically (shrapnel, bbs, residual from trauma or gsw). See ur pcp to review/discuss.