I am 47 and I have sever drooping of skin under my brows, above my eyelids. It looks like its full of fluid. Its laying on my eyes what can I do. Help?

Oculoplastic exam. You should see an oculoplastic eye surgeon to evaluate your eyelids and determine if this is excess skin ; fat or something more serious like eyelid swelling (for this they would get labs and possibly an orbital scan to eval). They may recommend blepharoplasty, which is a surgery that removes the excess skin and fat over the eyelids. This can be done to improve vision or for cosmetic reasons.
Dermatochalasis. Or excess eyelid skin and muscle, typically develops with advancing age. It tends to occur in families. If severe enough, you may benefit from surgical removal of the excess tissue. You should see your ophthalmologist to discuss this further.