Can you tell me anything about neonatal lupus?

Lupus mother antibo. Neonatal lupus is lupus in the newborn. There are a variety of manifestations that can include a characteristic rash, a low platelet count, a heart rhythm conduction change all in the newborn. This is related to the transfer of the mother's lupus antibodies across the placenta and usually resolves in 6 months as the mother antibody levels drop. These child do not develop sle later.
Very rare! Few neonates will ever have lupus, but maternal antibodies can enter via placenta and also breast milk. Particularly with women who are ss-a antibody positive, certain cardiac conduction defects and rash can occur. It invariably goes away withn 6-9 mo. Mother can transmit several autoantibodies, ie. Those against the thyroid gland, just as they transmit antibodies that protect neonatal infection.