Lymphocytes are high at 57, my neutrophils are low at 28 and my WBC count is low at 2.6. Sometimes have night sweats.?

Get seen. Doing the arithmetic, it sounds as if you have a low absolute neutrophil count. If you are on any medications you don't need to be taking, including "holistic herbal remedies", stop them now. You probably will need a hematology consult. This will include a good history and physical, a check for lupus, and probably some other studies.

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High WBC count, extremely high neutrophils, protein in urine, fatigue, night sweats, no appetite. What is going on?

Seriously sick. You have bacterial endocarditis until proved otherwise. If it was TB instead, I woudn't be surprised. Or any of several other entities that are all serious but manageable. Get with a competent physician who can proceed with a proper workup without delay. Read more...