Would pneumoconiosis hasten death by pulmonary edema?

Additive. Pneumoconiosis, or restrictive lung disease caused by environmental exposure to things like coal dust or asbestos causes serious progressive lung dysfunction. Pulmonary edema is fluid buildup in the lungs, usually from cardiac dysfunction. If a person has both, it would be expected that their outcome would be worse than if they had either disease alone.
Not exactly sure. Of your question. Pneumoconeosis itself can lead to death but if you have pulmonary edema on top of tha it would be very bad for the lungs. If severe enough could hasten death. Not sure if that was your question , sorry.

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What's the chance of death by pulmonary edema when a person has a regular irregular heatbeat?

Different. The irregular heart beat will only lead to pulmonary edema if the heart is compromised in some other way. The two are not necessarily connected . Death is a result of serious cardiac disease and pulmonary edema may be an end stage manifestation of that. Read more...

Pulmonary edema and accidental ob death in 22 year old. What happened?

Not enough info. This sounds very tragic, but would be impossible to answer in a forum like this. If this was someone close to you, please speak with the physician involved. Read more...