What is megalomania?

Megalomania. This is a delusional mental disorder, marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. The person may fantasy that s/he has unlimited wealth and prestige. One place you might see this, is in people who have bipolar i illness and are manic. It may lead them to spend money wildly, risk their lives heedlessly, treat others poorly, etc in ways they would not usually do.

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What causes megalomania?

Unknown. The exact etiology is unknown. The term refers to a state of mind manifesto g by grossly inflated self image and a morbid sense of heightened importance and self value, it occurs in bipolar d/o, paranoid personality disorder and others. Read more...

What is symptoms of megalomania? Is it a must that patient has all of these symptoms?

A megalomaniac. Is someone who needs to exert control , dominance or power over others (or who has the delusion that they do). It is not a current DSM5 diagnosis. Read more...