Wrist sprain been 1 month hurts when I lift something heavy. Specialist took MRI said tore my dorsal capsule and small hole in tfcc. How long to heal?

Wrist sprain. This could take a minimum of 6 weeks and sometimes up to 3 months to heal. You should be using a brace for support. Check with doctor for followup exams and treatment options.

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Wrist sprain been 4 weeks pain with wieght specialist took MRI which suggested dorsal capsular sprain and 1-2mm perforation in tfcc. How long to recover?

A long time. Dorsal ligament injuries, classified as wrist sprains, can take longer to stop hurting than many fractures. In my experience this is usually 6 weeks to 3 months. Occasionally longer if activity is not limited and the injured area is continually stressed. Immobilization is key to get the ligaments to heal by cast or full time bracing (removing only for hygiene). It can be frustrating ; painful! Read more...