I'm female 22 years old. And my jaw recently feels sore. When I eat it feels like I've been eating for so long and my jaw feels tiered why?

Could be TMJ. Tmj is your jaw joint. Just like other joints in your body, this one can get arthritis. This is usually noted by soreness and sometimes popping in the joint. Things to help: soft diet, warm compresses, nsaids (unless you have a medial contraindication), no gum chewing, and don't open your mouth too wide when you yawn.
TMJ. Tmj syndrome- take anti inflammatory, soft foods and warm compress, also check with your dentist.
Wisdom teeth. That could be because your widom teeth are growing or breaking out of your gums . They normally erupt between 18/23 years old, and it usually cause pain in your temple or next to your ears or in general jaw pain. A simple visit to your dentist can answer that question.
TMD. The muscles, bones and ligaments and cartilage of your joints are not working together correctly.