Missed menstrual period, vaginal discharge, pelvic & abdom pain. Low back pain. Neg blood pregnancy test. History of endometrios and infertility.?

Normal. With a history of endometriosis, unfortunately, this scenario can be normal. A lot of women wtih endo suffer from irregular periods and pain as you describe it. Often a gynecologist will prescribe birth control as a first line therapy for women with endo. It can help regulate periods as well as diminish pain. Other options for pain are NSAID such as Ibuprofen during pre-menstrual and menstrual.

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Major PMS problems with pelvic and lower back pain. Pregnancy test came back negative. My period started the same day. Could I still be pregnant?

My daughter was. Just from experience, any combination can happen. You will need to see your doc for blood work that is more definitive. Pg can happen at anytime - there are just times the possibility is higher. Read more...