For 3 days, I've had a severe headache, severe back/neck/joint pain, dizzy, bad fatigue, no fever. Had meningitis 19yrs ago. Worried as it's no better?

Doctor...NOW. This would be a very good time to either see your regular doctor on a same day appointment, or go to the nearest urgent care or er. This could be any number of problems and needs to be looked at.
New symptoms? It sounds like you are sick. This doesn't sound like it is related to an infection that you had almost 20 years ago, however. If these are new symptoms, you do need to contact your doctor. If the headache is terrible, go to the er.
See your doctor. Your symptoms may be signs of something significantly wrong. One cannot tell without a complete history, physical and possible lab/imaging tests. Follow with your doctor as soon as you can.
SEVERE HEADACHE . Go for checkup at once since you had meningitis before . There are many causes of headache to rule out. Take care.