Diabetic, to balance blood sugars, do I eat a low fiber diet or a high fiber diet?

High fiber. Low glycemic food (rich in fiber) is recommended for all and particularly for those living with diabetes. Fiber delays glucose absorption and minimizes rapid glucose excursion which can mismatch Insulin rise (via injection/bolus). You also should know that fiber is not accounted for when you calculate your carb intake before administering insulin.
High fiber always. High fiber diet has always been recommended for diabetics it helps with slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and has a beneficial effect on cholesterol.
High fiber. Fiber helps balance sugar absorption. A diet rich in fiber is healthy for almost everyone. People with diabetes are encouraged to eat foods that have color. White foods tend to have more refined starches or sugars in them where dark or colored foods have complex sugars and starches and also tend to have more fiber.

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Do I eat a low fiber diet or a high fiber diet if leaky gut?

High fiber helpful. Healthy intestinal flora break down fiber to produce short chain fatty acids like butyric acid, which are essential for healing a leaky gut, so a high fiber diet, along with probiotics/prebiotics will generally help. It is also necessary to treat the causes of the leaky gut by treating parasites, yeast and unfriendly bacteria and avoiding allergenic foods and alcohol and anti-inflammatory drugs. Read more...