Can any one help me in getting an effective medicine in homeopathy for amebic liver abscess?

Liver abscess. There are indeed homeopathic medicines that can help someone with a liver abscess. But you definitely need consultation with a well-trained and experienced classical homeopath for the most effective treatment. Your whole being should be considered, the experience you're having, and other characteristics unique to you. Simply picking something up from whole foods is not likely to help.
Not possible. Homeopathic medications contain very high dilutions of agents to what is in most cases diluent only (water). The annotation on the bottles indicates the degree of dilution so 20x means 10 to the 20th power. A dilution of 30x (very common) means the presence of one molecule per ocean. You will need conventional medicine for amebic liver abcess. Accept no substitutes.
YES ! Dr. O'connell, a member of my team, is an expert at herbal, natural, and homeopathic remedies for parasites.