How can I stop leaking urine when I laugh, cough, sneeze? (lady)

Pessary. When the bladder drops down lower into the pelvis, the increased pressure reduces the capacity of the bladder and can cause leakage of the urine. Pulling the bladder up higher or pushing it up with a pessary can help. Being at ideal weight can help. Other causes of urinary bladder problems should be investigated as well.
Treatable condition. Two common reasons for urine leakage in women. Urge incontinence occurs when the bladder spasms pushing urine out. Medications help. Stress incontinence occurs after childbirth where the urethra support is stretched so it sags and urine leakage occurs with coughing, laughing, and exercise. Kegels may help. If not, then a sling works well: takes 10 minutes, outpatient, & recovery in few days.

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Leaking urine. No cough or sneezing. What could cause that?

Many possibilities. Urinary incontinence can be "stress" associated with coughing, running, jumping etc. Or "urge" incontinence also n]known as overactive bladder. Other, more rare conditions exist as well. Your doctor can do testing called urodynamics, along with a physical exam and a review of your symptoms to determine the type of incontinence and offer appropriate treatment.
Several possibilitie. Urinary leakage can have different causes. You should consult with your primary care doctor for further evaluation. Many causes of incontinence can be treated successfully.