Are the home-remedies to combat a rotavirus infection?

Fluids. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids, especially with electrolytes.
Just fluids. Rotavirus infection will resolve on its own. The home treatment is to avoid getting dehydrated. This would mean drinking fluids (in some very serious cases it means getting fluids intravenously in the hospital.) for children there are over the counter liquid drinks that help replete important electrolytes (salts) the body needs like "pedialyte".

Related Questions

What kind of pills or treatment can somebody get for rotavirus infection?

Care supportive. Kids with rotovirus are generally treated with supportive measures. Rehydration fluids, diet as tolerated and monitored urine output. Occasionally IV fluids are necessary. The virus will resolve within 3-8 days and gut recovery will follow close behind. There are no abx or anti-diarrhea meds that help this in a small child. An adult might try loperamide for the cramps & loose stools.

What can I do to protect my kids from my rotavirus infection?

Immunize &wash hands. Rotavirus is one of the most common and potentially serious intestinal viral infections in the us. It is spread by contact, not through the air. So the best defense is to wash hands before eating and after caring for children or adults, especially changing diapers, clothes, etc. A safe, effective oral vaccine is available and recommended for all healthy infants.

Where am I or my child likely to contract a rotavirus infection?

From anyone. Rotavirus is a highly contagious disease. Can be spread anywhere, but more often in crowded situations, such as day cares and schools. Good handwashing and staying away from the sick are the only effective measures. Antibiotics do not work here.
Yes. Rotavirus causes diarrhea in young children, which may lead to dehydration. Speak to your doctor about prevention and treatment options.

Is a rotavirus infection dangerous for the elderly?

Sometimes. Rotavirus is a cause of gastroenteritis, (stomach flu). It can produce protracted diarrhea that may cause severe dehydration if not treated this can even cause life threatening problems, like kidney failure. In most cases with proper and simple treatment, especially fluids this can be avoided. People most at risk would be the especially frail, such as nursing home residents.
It can be. But rotavirus is seen mostly in the young as many people are immune to the different rotaviruses by adulthood.

I have diabetes, can a rotavirus infection cause complications?

Yes. Any infection can cause uncontrolled sugar swings. If you use a glucometer to check your sugars, you might want to be extra vigilant when you are ill. Also, be wary of dehydration with rotavirus, which can be compounded if your diabetes was not under control (a high blood sugar will cause you to urinate more). Good luck and have a low threshold for getting checked out by your physician!
Depends. Sorry for no direct answer, but this depends on severity and duration of viral symptoms, how well your diabetes is controlled, what medications you are taking for diabetes (especially insulin). Certainly the potential for complications exist. If symptoms are violent dicuss eith your doc.

Can better hygiene prevent rotavirus infection?

Yes. Good handwashing is key! Rotavirus causes bad diarrhea and in newborns, elderly and people with weak immune systems, can cause severe dehydration... And sometimes death. Another way to prevent rotavirus is to have your infant vaccinated. The vaccine is safe and effective. Cheers!

I have cancer, can a rotavirus infection cause complications?

Yes. Rotavirus can be associated with severe dehydration with electrolyte imbalance, so if you're already compromised you would want to make sure you're well hydrated if you are diagnosed with it.
May be. Rotavirus is seen in kids presents as gsatro enteritis, basically seen in children, if you are on chemo, immuno suppressed to get it.

Is there a safe vaccination that will prevent rotavirus infection?

Yes, Rotateq vaccine. The old vaccine 20 years ago had intussusception side effects (intestinal problem). New RotaTeq doesn't seem to have the side effect, meaning the chance of getting intuss. Is the same with or without rotateq. Rotateq is safe enough for babies, to prevent rotavirus diarrhea&dehydration (& death in 3rd world countries). Gsk-rotarix caused a slight increase in intuss. In mexico (1 in 100, 000 babies).
Yes. Yes there are several on the market, but only given at present to infants starting at 2 m/a usually. A proven safe, effective vaccine.