Any remedies for lack of energy and motivation?

It depends on the. Cause! There are a lot of things that can cause these symptoms. First, start with your family doctor who can rule out hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, diabetes, etc, and if physically you are cleared, she can refer you to a psychiatrist in your area.

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Are there any miracle remedies for lack of energy and motivation?

Nope. There are no miracle remedies for any condition at all. This requires ongoing counseling/therapy and medication sometimes.

I'm always tired lack of energy and motivation, what's going on with me?

Hard to say. Your symptoms are nonspecific, which means they can be from many causes. Maybe you're anemic and need iron. Maybe you have a sleep disorder and are chronically sleep deprived. Or maybe you are depressed. Because there are so many reasons why you might feel this way, it's important for you to speak with your doctor so that a correct diagnosis and treatment plan can be determined.

How can I cope with lack of energy/ motivation?

Motivation. Daily exercise, Yoga/meditation Refreshing diet (fruits and vegetables), Inspiration books/magazines/quotes/podcasts/radio, Company with smarter people, No smoking/drinks/negative people, Find and focus on a goal, Celebrate each small achievements, Find a passion or hobby.

I'm 21 female. Always tired n fafifhee, poor concentration, n lack of energy & motivation. I don't think I'm depressed. Any idea what could be causing?

Complete medical w/u. You should have a complete medical workout to rule out one of a number of medical causes of your symptoms including thyroid disease, vitamin deficiency, etc and then have a psychiatric evaluation.
Anything. Lack of energy can come from a variety of situations. Dehydration (not drinking at least 5 cups of water a day), lack of sleep/poor sleep, skipping meals, stress, sleep apnea/snoring, chronic sinus problems, caffeine withdrawal, chronic illness (such as anemia) or allergies can cause low energy.

Is 435 testosterone low for a 23 year old I have no sex drive trouble getting and keeping erections. Constant fatigue and lack of energy no motivation

Low libido and. Lack of energy. Please continue to see your doc and perhaps get a second opinion. You may need an endocrinologist to help you sort this out. Lots of reason to hope. Peace and good health. Testosterone is but one of the male hormones. They can all be measured.