Has anyone ever doneballoon kyphoplasty?

Many do this. Kyphoplasty is a treatment choice for fractures of the spine either from osteoporosis or from tumors such as myeloma or metastatic disease. It can help with pain and help stabilize the collapse. The fracture needs to be new (several weeks to a month or two) for best results. Pain medicine is also a choice. This treatment is not for everyone but relatively safe and well tolerated.
Balloon kyphoplasty. This is a procedure done to treat compression fractures in the spine, and is commonly done by many specialists, including neurosurgeons.
Yes. I have performed the kyphoplasty procedure many times. It is an excellent treatment option for osteoporotic compression fractures and for some pathologic fractures from metastatic disease and multiple myeloma. It is not indicated for the treatment of fractures in younger patients with normal bone health. Check out kyphon.Com.