Can gallstones kill you?

Rarely. I have never seen this but if surgery is not done to get rid of them when they are causing problems, it may happen. This would be very rare. Talk to your doctor about you concerns.
Yes, in rare. Instances, it can cause severe infection, perforation, or peritonitis. It is best to take care of your problem before these complications set in.

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Can passing of a gallstone kill you?

Unlikely. ...Unless one does not see a doctor for proper care. If untreated, i suppose a neglected stone stuck in the bile duct could result in serious liver damage, possible infectious cholangitis & possible severe pancreatitis. If treated with a doctor in a timely fashion then mortality rates should be low (unless there are other underlying medical problems). Read more...
Unlikely. but it can happen. If the stone gets stuck in the major bile ducts, it can lead to a back up of bile causing cholangitis, which can be a life threatening condition if not promptly treated. You can also get pancreatitis or bowel problems with the passage of a stone. If you have pain or symptoms, seek prompt medical attention. Good luck! Read more...