Can inguinal hernia repair reverse infertility?

No. Hernia repair has no roll in fertility, however if some one has vericocele, (means lot of veins in the the spermatic cord like vericose veins) the heat generated by these veins may be interfering with sperm production, removing these veins may ' reverse infertility'.
No. In fact, if the hernia repair was done on both sides and mesh was used, hernia repair can cause blockages in the vas deferens.

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Who does inguinal hernia repair.?

General surgeons. Inguinal hernia repair is done by mostly general surgeons, however certain general surgeons will do only hernia surgery only.
General surgeons. Usually general surgeons like myself.
General or pediatric. Surgeons. An adult with an inguinal hernia is usually repaired by a general surgeon. Infants, toddlers, & children can undergo inguinal hernia repair by a pediatric surgeon (i.e., a general surgeon for young kids). However, since there are only about 725 practicing pediatric surgeons in the U.S., & many communities do not have one, many general surgeons also do pediatric inguinal hernia repairs.

If nothing is in it do I need inguinal hernia repair?

Yes. If you have inguinal hernia of moderate size and even though no contents now, (empty) elective surgery advised most of the time for fear of incarceration, or careful observation. See your surgeon and decide.
Up to you. You only need hernia repair if it bothers you or causes pain. Also as long as you have the hernia there's a risk of something getting stuck in it. If you are ok with the risk then you can hold off and wait on surgery.

What is the recovery for an open inguinal hernia repair?

2-4 weeks. Depending on the technique the surgeon chooses, you could be released to non-restricted status as early as 15days. You should probably be released by 4 weeks, unless you have some underlyiing issues which would prolong your recovery. Now, just because you've been released to lift or exercise doesn't you mean you won't still have some residual soreness. Listen to your surgeon. Good luck.
Variable. Usually, it's uneventful, but it really depends on the individual. In general, I tell my patients they will have significant pain for the first 3 days and the pain will start improving after that. My patients take between 1 and 2 weeks off from work.

What is the definition or description of: inguinal hernia repair?

Inguinal Hernia. Inguinal hernia repair is when an inguinal hernia is surgically repaired. This involves closing the hernia defect with sutures alone (less than 10% of all repairs), or with a mesh. There are a variety of open and laparoscopic mesh repairs utilized, and the surgeon should generally use the technique that best fits the individual patient, and that they are most proficient with.
Plugging a hole. A hernia is a defect or hole in the abdominal wall. To repair the defect, most surgeons insert some type of synthetic mesh, in plug or patch form-to block the opening.
Inguinal hernia. The repair if a defect in the inguinal canal this is usually performed with mesh. It can be done open or laparoscopic.

Could I have a step by step explanation of inguinal hernia repair.?

Lap and open. Laparoscopic has three small incisions and uses mesh. Hernia is reduced and patch is put in front of it, in pre-peritoneal space. Make sure the procedure is done tep. Open has one incision approx 4-7cm in length in the groin and also uses a mesh. Hernia is also reduced and patch is placed over it. Both almost equal down time. Both good long-term. I myself prefer lap.

Is there much post operative pain relating to inguinal hernia repair?

Not much. Most of the time moderate pain, will need just non narcotic pain medication only, how ever some sensitive patients will complain of severe pain for few days, requiring narcotic medications for a wk or so.
Moderate. It depends on the type of repair that you have. In general, open (large incision) hernia repair has more pain and disability than a laparoscopic (small incision) hernia repair, but it depends a lot on you and your pain tolerance. Your surgeon's techniques also play a role. Most people require moderate narcotics after surgery to control their pain.

Bloating after open inguinal hernia repair common?

No. Not in my experience. I have never seen bloating as a complication of a hernia repair.
Maybe. If it was done under general anesthesia, it is not uncommon to experience uncoordinated intestinal activity that can result in nausea, vomiting, bloating, or constipation. Call your surgeon if you are unable to tolerate it.
Can be. Constipation after general anesthesia and general surgical procedure is common. It can cause pain, bloating, nausea, and worse. Drink lots of liquids, use fiber and laxatives, slow down on solids in diet until your bowels are moving twice a day.