What to do in nonseminoma testis cancer with multiple enlage paln after orcheoctomy done. Whats are the survival chance?

Nonseminoma. Any other organ involvement besides the lymph nodes? What is the stage your doctor was telling you? Treatment would depend on the stage and the cancer markers. A radical pelvic lymph nodes dissection plus minus chemotherapy after surgery would be something to be done. Survival chance will depend on the stage. But it is usually better than other type of solid cancer. Discuss with your oncologist.
Depends. After orchiectomy we need to do CT scan to see if the cancer has spread to the retro peritoneum lymph nodes and also do blood test for tumor markers including AFP and hCG. and based on these 2 test we determine the chance for cure and the best course of treatment. In general the chances of cure for metastatic testis cancer non seminoma is more than 80-90%