Does lack of hormones to develop an ovarian cyst cause infertility?

If no follicle, yes. Ovarian cysts are very common but not 'normal'. I am guessing you mean lack of hormones to develop an ovarian follicle - a cyst-like structure that releases an egg (ovulates). Some women don't ovulate because of low FSH / lh hormones (may be due to stress, exercise, eating disorders, underweight), some have high FSH & low egg supply. Low hormones makes it harder to conceive. See a fertility md.
Indirectly. If you do not ovulate because of a hormone disorder then you can have infertility from the combination of hormone imbalance and not releasing an egg. In order for the ovulation problem to cause infertility, it must happen most months. Alternatively, some women ovulate but with such irregularity that they cannot know when they fertile - equal problem. As others suggest, get help from doc.