Gf had month late period. Then it came. First brown blood, then red but light. Hpt was negative. Could she still be pregnant? I'm nervous

Probably not... If her periods are normally regular and she is late for her period and the pregnancy test is negative, then it is extremely unlikely that she is pregnant. It is more likely that she had delayed or absent ovulation this last month. She would be wise to schedule a visit with her ob/gyn and discuss birth control.

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Period 7 weeks late. I thought pregnant, but no HPT. Saw pinkish-brown spotting, then few hours later red blood. Pregnant? Miscarriage? Late Period?

All are possible. 7 weeks is quite late especially if you're usually regular. A miscarriage is a likely scenario, and these are very common, but it is also possible for a pregnancy to survive first-trimester bleeding. Watchful waiting is safe unless this is heavier than or lasts longer than a normal period, but you could also have a pregnancy test performed followed by a check for viability if positive. Read more...