What is the treatment for hypoglycemia besides eating small meals more often?

Low carbs. The main treatment for hypoglycemia is a six-meal regimen that also restricts carbohydrates.
Treat hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia can be the first sign of diabetes due to Insulin resistance. You should get a glucose meter and test your finger sticks before and 2 hours after a meal - 1 meal/d and differnt each day. Ask your physician to test your fasting blood sugar and A1c sugar 100 - 125 = prediabetes, A1c 5.7 - 6.4 = prediabetes. Discuss further treatment with physician.
4 reactive hypoglyce. Eat only meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry and low starch veggies, drink only water. In other words avoid all carbs, carbs will only briefly raise your sugar levels and then your Insulin levels. The fats in the meat or fish or cheese or eggs or poultry will act like a "log on your metabolic fire" to keep your blood sugar stable for hours without raising insulin.