Is hodgkin disease curable by homeopathy or ayurvedic?

Possibly but... In his book a homeopathic approach to cancer dr. Ramakrishnan reports 77% success in 85 patients with hodgkin's; these are not all "cures" but patients who are show improvement. There are some cases that appear to be cured. However, given that western medicine has a good success rate in hodgkin's, i would advise using homeopathy & ayurveda as complements to conventional treatment in most cases.
Not proven. Some research was done in india about aurvedia, but the results were not encouraging, we do not have a solid scientific data that supports the use of homeopathic orayurvedic medicine in lymphoma.
No. You may find the relationship with the practitioner therapeutic, and the medicines may have some effects. However, before modern cancer therapy, Hodgkin's was 100% fatal even though homeopathy and ayurveda were in widespread use. These are adjuncts only. Don't bet your life that I'm wrong. Best wishes.

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Is hodgkin disease curable by homeopathy or natural treatment?

No. No. Unfortunately, I do not think so. Hodgkin's disease is a cancer that in many cases, we can cure. The cure rate will be very high- especialy if diagnosed at early stage. Please do not waste your time. See an oncologist/hematologist and have the work-up and treatment started. Homeopathy/natural therapy are meant to be a complementary medicine- that will be additional to the standard therapy. Read more...

Is hodgkins lymphoma curable even if it has metastasized? A girl I know hAs hodgkins and it has started spreading

Usually curable. Today's protocols cure a large majority of Hodgkin's cases even if it's spread. In fact, it's usually in a couple of places when it presents, regardless. I am glad you are there for your friend at this time and wish you both the best. Read more...