Ayurvedic treatment effective for hla b27 positive?

B27 not a disease. Hla b 27 by itself is not a disease, therefore the question of effectiveness of a treatment is moot. B 27 is associated with a particular form of arthritis.
No. There is no evidence that it helps. Be very careful. Ayurvedic meds sold over the internet often be found to be contaminated with mercury, lead and arsenic.

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What does it mean if I'm hla-b27 positive? I have severe hip pain- does it have to do with this?

Susceptibility to. Some disorders. People who have the hla b-27 antigen are more prone to some diseases, e.G, ankylosing spondylitis. It does not mean the person has it, just that person is more likely to have some inflammatory disorders, including inflammation of joints.

I am hla-b27 positive. I've suddenly had 6 iritis flareups in the last 2 years. I think they are caused by contact lens abuse. Thoughts please.

Aggravated. The "cause" is you auto immune disease it may be aggravated by the contacts, (foreign body, decrease oxygen, etc) but this many flare ups means you need better control of your auto immune disease.
Not likely. There is a strong association between hla-b27 positivity and iritis. While contact lens abuse can also produce iritis, your ophthalmologist can tell the difference in most cases. See your ophthalmologist.
See details. It is almost certainly related to the b27 antigen. With so many attacks consider starting a tnf agent to prevent the flares. See a rheumatologist for this issue.

I am suffering with severe pain in my hips for last 5 yrs, have hla b27 positive. Mri was okay. Please advice?

Ankylosing spondylit. Ankylosing spondylitis is associated with both of these, hip pain and positive hlab27.
AS. Ankylosing spondylitis is of concern. A plain x-ray of the sacroiliac joints would pick up images of bone sclerosis better than an mri. A rheumatologist can discern and advise. Traumatic injury to the sacroiliac joints is a consideration. Has there been participation in extreme sports? An osteopath can evaluate injury to the sacroiliac joints.

What do you advise if I'm suffering with severe pain in my hip araes for last 5yrs, have hla b27 positive. MRI ws ok. Pl advice?

See details. Have you seen a rheumatologist to be sure you do not have spondylitis. Many people believe they have hip pain when in truth it comes from the lower back. There are very effective therapies for B27 associated diseases.