Having hip revision surgery--how long is your recovery?

Varies. Some revision surgeries go just like a primary hip replacement. Depending on the bone damage, and stability of the revision surgery, you might be looking at 6-12 weeks of no, or partial, weight bearing. Dislocation is slightly more likely, so the hip precautions will be even more important. I would plan on 3 months if it's a full revision, much shorter is possible though.

Related Questions

How long is the hospitalization after the hip revision surgery?

2-5 days. Hip revision surgery can range from moderate to complicated cases. The complexity of the problem that necessitates the hip revision will influence the difficulty of the surgery, and therefore the length of your hospitalization and recovery from the surgery itself.

Hip revision surgery, what can I expect?

Relief. Hip revision is second surgery done to replace hardware some times joint wears off, or several other problems, revision will correct the problem, ask your surgeon.

What information do I have to bring along to do the hip revision surgery?

Original op report. Hip revision surgery is a relatively uncommon procedure. You will meet with the orthopedic surgeon planning to do the surgery prior to the surgery. He or she will advise you as to what they would like you to bring. The most useful piece of information is a copy of your original operative report.
Everything. Sometimes less is more, but sometimes more is best. Deciding on how to perform a hip revision is best made with original xrays, op report, follow-up xrays, and an accurate history of the problems associated with the current replacement. Having all available information will often result in more timely, better informed treatment of your issue.

Pain iand mobility are worse after hip revision surgery-3 weeks after. Is this normal?

Revision. Surgery typically is a bigger operation and the rehabilitation takes longer as well. Be patient and ask questions of your surgeon during your follow up visits. Follow your physical therapy instructions to the letter and make sure your pain is well controlled.

Any ideas or reasons about pain relief after hip revision surgery?

Definite answer. Tha is the definite answer for treating arthritis as that is the only was you can change pathogenesis of the condition. That is why you have pain relief after hip arthroplasty. Same apply to hip revision.
Continuous epidural. In the immediate postoop period, a continuous epidural infusion allows superior analgesia, full range of motion, and early rehab. Some anesthesiologists employ a spinal-epidural approach for during and after surgery. This is associated with less blood loss and risk of blood clots. Weeks after surgery, a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs along with an opioid (hydrocodone/ oxycodone) is best.
Epidural. An epidural for intraoperative and postoperative pain relief is an excellent choice.
Improved joint. Painless, smooth joint movement relies on a smooth joint. When either surface of the joint is worn, damaged or narrowed, pain and decreased motion result. After joint surgery the smooth motion is restored and pain resolves.
Question? It is not clear what you are asking. Are you asking why pain is relieved after surgery or what to do about pain after surgery? If it is the latter, often narcotic pain meds are needed. Physical therapy is also crucial in healing and pain relief after any joint surgery. If this is not the answer you are seeking, please re-ask the question.