Went to uc for burning pain in upper abdomen/couldnt even walk without pain/advised ulcer or gastritis and put on nexium (esomeprazole). How do I know how to proceed?

Follow up. Take the medication and take note if you have a benefit, pain improves. Make a follow up appointment with your regular doc to review what happened at the uc, the results and further testing/care. If you have ulcer, the medication should help you. If the medication does not help, you may something else. Be welll.

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I get stomach pain when I walk a lot. Dr. does not think ulcer b/c on Nexium (esomeprazole) 40 mg 2x day. Endosc ordered, but I want avoid. What could it be?

Welll...... without an exam, Cannot say in your particular case don't even know your age ! BUT angina as a GI complaint is classic. Simple stress test in male is diagnostic. ( UNLIKELY under age 40!) ascites, aortic aneurysm... that's just the A's.... And... the one you HAVE, HIATAL HERNIA, a mechanical flaw in the diaphram holding the stomach out of the chest. Bouncing it around hurts. Read more...