How long am I contagious, if I contract rabies?

Rabies. Rabies is a lethal viral illness. The incubation from wild animal bite to symptoms is a few days to a week, but these may initially be nonspecific. There is no proven treatment once you actually have the illness, but there are experimental protocols used in hospitals. Human to human transmission by biting or kissing is conceivably possible, but no health worker has gotten rabies from a patient.
About 2-3 weeks. If a person gets infected with rabies virus, he has an incubation period in which he shows no symptoms. When symptoms begin, he will feel some flu-like symptoms. Then comes the bad brain symptoms, with some erratic violent behavior plus foaming at the mouth, and death a few days later from paralysis and coma. He is contagious during the approximately 2-3 weeks of symptoms, until after death.