What kind of head injury would cause loss of memory?

Head injury loss mem. Impaired memory is one of the universal problem of people with head injury. There is loss of short term memory. Loss of retrograde amnesia, severe cases of brain injury anteririor grade amnesia. Head injury deped on severity can have different variations of memory loss.

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Which type of head injury would cause total loss of memory?

Severe tbi. In a patient that has recovered and is awake and interactive and conversant, it is unusual for head injury to have caused total loss of memory (both short term and long term). However, the more severe the tbi, the more likely there will be diffuse enough damage to affect both hippocampi of the brain. These are structures deep within the brain that are vital to memory function.

If a head injury causes memory loss. How long does it take to get it back?

Varies with severity. The extent and duration of memory impairment vary depending on how severe the initial injury was. Mild injury usually produces temporary symptoms, while more severe cases with damaged brain tissue will cause permanent loss of function. Much will depend on the location of the damaged tissue.

Is it possible to cure memory loss.? And can a head injury cause memory loss? Even if the MRI scans are clear.

Improvement, yes. Cure is not the best way to think of it, but yes - some memories might return and new memories may be unaffected. A head injury can certainly involve a short time period from which memories are impaired. It is not necessary to suffer tissue damage that would show in imagery and there could also be some PTSD-type psychological trauma involved that can disrupt memory. Don't add to it w/ worry. Best.
Head injury. Head injuries can cause memory loss, which can be temporary. MRI scan may not show any abnormality.

A closed head injury I feel may be behind loss of memory, depression, and balance what would be the best approach to treating this sort of thing?

Holisitic approach. Sorry to hear of your injury. Traumatic brain injuries can have long-lasting effects but people can and do recover over time. I advise a holistic approach involving nutraceuticals like lion's mane mushrooms, phosphatidylserine, acetyl-l-carnitine, ashwagandha etc. Counseling is helpful. Acupuncture & homeopathy often help, as can seeing a cranial osteopath & brain-wave biofeedback. See comment:.
Approach. The first thing is to get a proper diagnosis. Contact your doctor who may refer you to a neurologist or rehabilitation specialist. If there is any question in your history, an MRI may help the diagnosis. If a brain injury is suspected after these steps, a neuopsychological evaluation is called for.
Dr. Visit. It is time to see a neurologist for a evaluation.

Memory loss after head injury, wil I get it back?

Concussion. You probably suffered a concussion. With severe head trauma, diffuse axonal injury may lead to long lasting and sometimes subtle permanent cognitive impairment. Sometimes repeating a neuroimaging, like an mri, may be necessary. Stay in touch with your doctor so he could determine if further medical care is needed. Recovery may be slow and it may take up to three to six months in some cases.
Recovery cont for 2y. Depending on the type of injury, spontaneous recovery from head injury can occur for up to two years. Speech/cognitive therapy is helpful for 'exercising' the neural pathways and doing activities to rebuild cognitive skills.

Head injury causing memory loss. Will I get it back?

Depends on severity. Memory loss from a head injury will not return. Some patients may have retrograde amnesia (loss of memory for incidents preceding the trauma) and some may have memory loss for events during and following the trauma. Neither will return. However, subsequent memory is usually normal.

7months trouble thinking, talking, walking, memory loss. Eeg+ctscan normal. No head injury that I know of. Put on Effexor (venlafaxine) to try and help. What could it be?

On right track. At age 28 memory loss is uncommon due to specific anatomical brain issues like alzheimer's and are more likely due to mood or anxiety disorders. Your treatment is in right track keep on with it.

I suffered a head injury at work about 36 hours ago. I felt a little woozy all day yesterday I never blacked out, did not have any headaches, vomiting, memory loss or pupil change, but have noticed some blood when I blow my nose. Is there anything I sho

Do. Do not know about the actual type of injury. We already know that you have not had headaches, vomiting, loss of consciousness, amnesia or pupillary changes. Additional symptoms can include: nausea, ringing in your ears, feeling dizzy, slurred speech, confusion or feeling tired. Major concern is that you have felt woozy. The symptoms from a head injury can be subtle. I am not sure what to make of the blood in your nose - don't know the mechanism of injury. If you continue to be woozy, I would recommend a check up. Because not all the effects from a concussion may be immediate, self- monitor to ensure that you don't develop more symptoms. If there is a small amount of blood in your nostril and it is not on- going, it will likely resolve. Be gentle with yourself. Be self aware for signs or symptoms of a concussion.