How do I prevent hammer toes?

Please read that. Change your footwear to shoes that do not rub across the hammer toe in order to prevent corns, blisters or cuts from forming. Avoid straps or seams that may irritate the toe. You may be able to wear open toe shoes in the warmer weather. A deep toe box in a shoe is otherwise necessary.Continu below.
A contracted toe. A hammertoe is an abnormal increased contracture or a bending of the toe joint. This most commonly results from a muscle or tendon imbalance which results from the mechanical and structural changes in the foot. There is a high genetic component to the condition. Avoid narrow tight shoes so that the toes are not subjected to prolonged periods of over contracture.
Hammertoe. Part of how you develop hammertoes can't be prevented and those are factors that you are born with such as particular foot structures that more prone to developing hammertoes. Other factors that can be controlled include ensuring you are wearing shoes that do not encourage the excessive bending of the toes (ie too small of a shoe).
Possibly can't? People can get hammertoes several different ways, including just an unlucky roll of the genetic dice. Sometimes they can't be prevented, per se, but if you catch them in the early stages they are much easier to deal with! see you podiatrist for individualized treatment options.