I had a forehead lift, upper and lower eyelids, but I still have so much swelling especially my eyes?

Common. Swelling takes a while to resolve. Avoid salty foods and anything that causes water retention. Keep your head elevated when sleeping, and avoid smoke or other eye irritants. See your surgeon to see if further measure are needed to speed recovery.
Common. After forehead lift and eyelid surgery it is common to have swelling and bruising around the eyes. This should resolve over time.
Return to your Dr. There are many causes of persistent swelling. Many are related to irritation to the eye itself. I recommend you return to your surgeon for a reevaluation.
Normal if early. Swelling is quite common inthe first few days up to 10 days after surgery. Head elevation, ice and compression are generally used in the first few days. Steroids and diuretics are controversial. Arnica offers some homeopathy options for diminished swelling & bruising. Signs of abnormal swelling which should be discussed with your surgeon include redness, severe pain, warmth, fever, localized, etc.
Swelling is normal. Especially in the area where surgery was performed. However, the swelling should gradually lessen as days pass from the surgery. Ice, head elevation and avoidance of strenuous activity will speed up the recover process. If your concerned the swelling may not be normal, have the surgeon evaluate you.
Timing is everything. Swelling following your surgery is normal. Depending on the specific procedure(s) you had, most swelling should subside by two to three weeks. If it has been significantly longer than that, you should check back with your surgeon.