Why is my foot swelling and turning dark red?

See a doctor. If there is no history of injury you need to see a doctor.
Let try to help. There two mean reasons for that, either got infected or lack of circulations.
The are many causes. For foot swelling, redness can be caused by venous insufficiency, dependent rubor, sometimes infection - you should seek a medical evaluation.
Many possibilities. Some causes of swelling of the feet and ankles can include systemic problems such as hypertension, and problems with the kidneys and localized issues such as arthritis, infection, lymphatic obstruction, blood clots, varicose veins, trauma (fracture, sprain, and tendonitis) and side effects to medication. Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment.

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I have foot swelling, minor redness and a good bit of pain when I walk. What can be causing this?

Poosibilities. Stress fracture, gout, infection or other injury. See podiatrist for immediate evaluation.
Foot Pain. Typically with foot pain developing you try to analyze the cause. What did I do to get my foot irritated? Then, you try to create a pain free environment to allow healing as much as possible (change shoes, etc). Plus, you begin the classic rice treatment--some rest, some ice, some compression, and some elevation. You can add anti-inflammatory meds or salves. See a doctor if it stuck! Dr blake.
More. Info will be helpful to give a moe specific answer. Where is pain? When did it star? Was there any trauma? I agree with advise given so far but these few answers would give more specifics on answer.

CRPS L foot. Burning, sensitivity, a lot of swelling, redness. R foot- swelling this morning (no other symptoms). Normal? Could CRPS be spreading?

Not enough data. This may be something else - bilateral CRPS would not be likely. At this time this is edema only. It can be due to other medical problems, medications etc. You need to see your physician and get evaluated.

CRPS left foot, stress fx, ORIF- redness, pain, sensitivity, swelling. Right foot swelling sometimes- no other symptoms. CRPS spreading?

Be checked by your. Online inquiry and "guessing" at this time would not realistically help answer your concern. The best thing to do is to timely ask your treating doctor who knows more & better about your individual local and systemic conditions than anyone online. How to get all related things for good medical care done correctly? Follow instructions in http://formefirst. Com/eNewsletter06.html.

I am experiencing foot pain, foot swelling, bursitis and foot redness. I have sore feet after a hard day of college classes is it my dress shoes I wr?

Do easiest first. There is a whole host of possible reasons why you are experiencing foot pain and swelling. Without question, improperly fitting shoes is a distinct possibility and at the top of the list. Why not test your theory and stop wearing your dress shoes for a while. I have a feeling that relief is at hand.

How can I alleviate my foot swelling?

Depends why. You have it...I.E trauma, infection, venous insufficency, hypertenton, poor kidney function, side effect of medicine, too much salt intake etc...

Can you tell me how I can reduce my foot swelling?

It would depend. On what caused the swelling.....Injury? Varicose veins? A clot in your leg? All three for example should be treated differently...
Swelling. The first right thing to do is determine the cause of the swelling. It could be uncontrolled hypertension, kidney disease, or congestive heart failure to name 3 that aren't near your foot. See your podiatrist for an evaluation and if it IS something else you will be referred appropriately.

How come my foot swelling up after orthopedic surgery 2 weeks later?

See below. If your surgery was on your feet for an orthopedic condition then swelling is not unusual after only 2 weeks.
See your surgeon: Not to sound an alarm, but a sudden increase in swelling 2 weeks after surgery needs to be assessed by the surgeon to prevent any complications from becoming a problem.
It really depends- -on what was the surgery done on. Your question is not specific. Could be any where from a hip replacement to an infected nail & all in between. A more description of where & what was done will help you get an answer.