How can I speed up a finger fracture healing?

Tincture of time. Good bone health requires both calcium and vitamin d supplementation, and I would start with 1200 mg of calcium per day. Calcium citrate is somewhat better absorbed, but more expensive than calcium carbonate. Vitamin d 600 units daily as well. There are experimental studies with using electrical fields to promote bone healing, and you could talk with your local orthopedist.

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What is the treatment for finger fracture?

Usually immobilize. Often needs splinting with finger next to it, or a finger brace (cushion-lined flexible aluminum brace). Hat's pretty much it. But make sure you follow up with an orthoimproperly, prevent improper healing, affecting hand function that needs to then be treated further, including physical and occupational therapy.
Stability motion. Depending upon the fracture the two edged sword of maintaining stability in the proper orientation or alignment followed by how and when to get moving. It is why many refer finger fractures even the seemingly simple one to a hand surgeon.

What sort of disorder is a finger fracture?

Bone fracture. I am not sure what you mean but it is most commonly a traumatic injury. Occaionally it can be due to bone disease from tumor.
Broken finger bone. Finger fractures are common hand injuries which can present with acute pain and swelling, and deformity and bruising (ecchymosis) if severe. Radiological workup, with x ray films dedicated to the hand and finger, is recommended if a fracture is suspected. A diagnosis of a finger fracture should warrant temporary immobolization in a splint and a timely evaluation by a hand doctor.
Finger fracture. A finger fracture is any fracture invovling that part of the anatomy.

What is the definition or description of: Finger fracture?

Break. A fracture is a break in the normal continuity of the cortex of the bone; it is described as a finger fracture when it involves the digits of the upper extremity.

What type of upper body weight exercise can I do after finger fracture?

Depends. If you are still healing your fracture, it will be difficult to do upper body strengthening. You can wear weighted wrist bands and do some strengthening that way. However, free weights that require gripping are usually not possible. Nautilus-type machines where you can rest the bars on your wrist may also be possible. Once your fracture has healed, you can resume your normal lifting activities.

I had closed reduction with pinning of a finger fracture. Would it be painful if the pins were knocked out?

It couldd be if it. We're knocked out and it cod have a bad effect on the treatment of the fracture if it came out too early, however removal in the office at the proper time is usually easy and not painful.

How do I deal with a finger fracture?

Depends. It depends on what type of fracture. They can be treated with a splint or surgery. It is very important that you get this evaluated. See a hand surgeon.
See below. These symptoms can only be adequately diagnosed only after a thorough evaluation by your doctor. This may include labs and other satudies. Once all of the information is in, your doctor can let you know what's going on, and what to do to help you.