Should american hospital workers refuse to discuss female circumcision with the parents of newborns?

Tell all it's ilegal. American hospital workers should tell all that performing a female circumcision in the usa, as well as all civilized countries that it is a criminal offence. It involves amputating the clitoris and thus removing any pleasant sexual sensation later in life. Perpetrators need to be be reported to the police and sent to prison.Any physician perpetrator faces automatic loss of medical license for life.
Sensitive cultural.. Female circumcisions being done in some countries are considered as genital mutilation in western culture.
I believe that they . Have an obligation to discuss it with parents. To educate them of the great harm that it could cause an infant/ child/ female. They need to know it is illegal in this country. Parents that clearly intend to pursue female genital mutilation should be reported to child protective services. Sadly, many parents who are unable to have female "circumcisions" performed on their daughters in the us, >.
Acknowledge & warn. A question about the practice would be viewed as an educational opportunity.In my state, any firm request for the procedure would require a report to child protective services as would discovering an infant had been so treated.In my state the child is a citizen from birth, not property. The state has the power to over rule any parent decision it deems injurious to the health or safety of a child.