Is there corrective surgery for fallen arches?

Fallen arches. This is what I like to call gee whiz surgery because of what it can entail. See your prospective surgeon, sit down and ask a ton of questions.
Yes. First off, surgery should only be considered if the flat foot is symptommatic and has failed to respond to non surgical management. Flat foot surgery requires a comprehensive approach and may involve bony realignment (osteotomies), joint fusions (arthrodesis), tendon lengthening and tendon transfers. Be very cautious about "simple" surgeries such as implants to correct deformities.
Yes. There are many ways to correct fallen arches or flat foot deformity via surgery. We often exhaust of methods of controlling symptoms conservatively before consideration of any operative intervention.

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Has anyone had successful corrective surgery for fallen arches?

Sure. There are different types of surgery for this condition. Prior to entertaining a flatfoot reconstruction if you have a flexible flatfoot, I would encourage you to consider a "sinus tarsi implant". For more info see: www. Fixmyflatfeet. Com this is a minimally invasive procedure that yields very good results and worse case scenerio is reversible.
Yes. Corrective surgery for fallen arches can be succesful. Dependant on the type of surgery required this can be a short or very long recovery. Consult with a podiatrist to determine what will be the best treatment approach for you.