I was hit in knee area. Mild pain when pressure applied, but no bruising, swelling or any pain when walking. Could this be a growth plate fracture?

Most likely no. A fracture, including one around through or in the growth plate would normally cause very serious pain while standing and putting pressure on it and it would be difficult to walk, and swelling would normally accompany. Most likely a contusion, but see a doc if it does not get better after a few days.

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Slapped in knee. No walking pain, bruise, or swell. Some transient mild pain in area, but only for 1st day. Could this be a (growth plate) fracture?

Highly unlikely. In general, growth plate fractures in the lower extremity would be associated with moderate to severe pain in the leg associated with difficulty bearing weight. Mild, transient pain caused by a "slap" on the leg would seem highly unlikely to be a growth plate fracture. If you have any concern, consider being checked. Read more...