Burning pain in penis while passing urine? I have no back pain and abdomen pain.

STD. In a male this symptom in general represents an std with either gonorrhea or chlamydia. But, in your case, since we do not know when you had a kidney stone, this can also represent urethral trauma or infection from the kidney stone. I would advise testing.

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Testicles are swollen and having mild pain in testicles & groin for some time, burning sensation during urination. No fever, no back pain. No stones. What?

Best to see a doctor. You could have many things that can mimic your problem. Epididymitis, simple UTI with feeling of swell in testicle, prostatitis with referred pain or clogging of rete testes. Torsion could be bad. So due to many possibilities, it is best to see your doctor and be examined and treated appropriately. Read more...